Christine Jensen For Senate District 20

A letter from Christine…

My name is Christine Jensen, I am your Republican candidate for Senate District 20, right here in Jefferson County. I am a native of Wheat Ridge and now reside in Arvada with my family.

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First, allow me to apologize to you for the volume of mail you have received regarding my race.

Currently, Republicans hold a one-seat majority in the Colorado Senate. If the Democrats win this seat in November, it may very well mean that they will control every facet of the state government. Given the obvious implications, outside organizations on both sides of the aisle have taken extraordinary interest in the outcome of my race. For this reason, they are overwhelming your mailboxes, phones, doors and email inboxes. Rest assured, if I could do something about that, I absolutely would! Unfortunately, Colorado campaign finance law prohibits me from communicating with these outside groups. Heck, I’m the candidate and even I receive all that mail!

Since I cannot communicate with those outside organizations, I have no control over the messaging contained in the mailings that are clogging your mailbox. That’s why I am glad you found my website, so that you can learn about me directly from me!

I am a Jefferson County native, born into an Army family and raised in Wheat Ridge. My dad grew up during the Great Depression and served in WWII. Together with my mom, they raised me to imagine that anything was possible. Naturally, I later became an Army wife and an Army mom!

Our family stayed together, and I had the privilege of caring for my parents in my home when they were no longer able to live independently. They spent their final years at home with us, a blessing to us all. We also had the honor of caring for my father-in-law at home as he bravely battled Alzheimer's. That brutal disease took him from us years later, but we cherished the final days we had with him.

I’ve spent over 25 years working as a successful small business operator. I know what it means to not only sign the back of a paycheck, but the front of one as well. With budgeting and management knowledge, I intend to bring some “business sense” to Colorado’s government.

I formerly served as the Chairman of the Board for the Arvada Chamber of Commerce, where I still serve on of the Government Affairs committee. I’m also active in the community, attending Red Rocks Church and serving with numerous charities in the region. These opportunities have only deepened my love for Colorado and my desire to improve it.

But, the most important role I play is that of being a mother to 4 amazing children and grandmother to another four, alongside my loving husband, Dana.

Once a single mother, I learned about balance. I learned what I was willing to give up because something else had to be a priority. I also learned compromise and collaboration. This is exactly the common-sense we need to bring to the State Senate.

I am running for the Colorado Senate because I am deeply concerned that the Colorado my children and grandchildren will inherit is vastly different than the one I grew up in.  While Colorado is the home of my favorite memories and greatest successes, I am concerned about what the future holds.

I worry that with the state budget growing so rapidly, that we, as residents, have become little more than revenue sources for an expanding government, instead of having a state government that is serving us.

It seems that the burden of government is too often placed on the shoulders of Colorado families and inhibits their ability to achieve economic prosperity. I will continue to stand up to those who seek to increase taxes and fees on our hard-working families.

As a small business operator, I know that businesses, both large and small, are the lifeblood of our communities. As your senator, I will protect Colorado’s businesses from excessive regulation and government overreach. As a state, we must foster an economic environment that does not stifle innovation and excellence, but rather one that encourages businesses to develop and grow.

I fear that continued government intrusion into our healthcare system has it on the brink of ruin. We deserve access to the best possible patient-centered healthcare and options when it comes to insurance carriers. We deserve premiums that are affordable and do not overly-strain our family budgets. In the Legislature, I will lead the effort to lower healthcare costs.

I want my children, my grandchildren and the generations that follow them to be able to stay right here, at home, in Colorado. Unfortunately, homeownership in Colorado has become out of reach for far too many. Current construction litigation laws must be reformed to encourage the development of attainable housing for our growing Colorado families. We must develop smart growth strategies that do not further stress our already over-burdened infrastructure.

Traffic congestion and deteriorating roads have a negative impact on commerce in Jefferson County and throughout Colorado. In the Legislature, I will make transportation a top priority by working with my colleagues to develop a strategy for improving our roads and bridges by using existing state funds and without raising taxes.

Our infrastructure isn’t the only thing lagging behind, so too are our schools. As a mother and grandmother, I know that the foundation to a strong economy and community is our education system. We must recognize that every child learns differently and reject one-size-fits-all education models and federal government mandates. The education of our children ought to be a cooperative effort between parents and teachers with an emphasis on the curriculum and not just testing.

Our children deserve the best possible education and our teachers deserve to be better compensated for the important work they do. That is exactly why I support prioritizing education funding in the state budget.

I am an advocate for school choice across the entire spectrum of educational systems. A child's parents are their foremost educators and should have the right to determine the best course of their child’s education throughout every level.

Colorado should be on the forefront of innovation and technology. To accomplish this, we must assist our local school districts to develop high-achieving STEM programs, encourage student participation and recruit/retain STEM educators. As we continue to develop future leaders in STEM fields, we will draw new companies and high-paying jobs to Colorado with our educated workforce

Like any parent, the thing that worries me the most is the safety of my children and my grandchildren when they walk out the door to go to school. As your next senator, I will fight for those who fight for us by ensuring that our local law enforcement agencies have the resources and tools that are necessary to keep our schools and our communities safe

I am troubled by the rising crime throughout our great state and we must get to the root of the problem. We must do more to combat drug and alcohol abuse, as well as address the wide range of mental health issues that are adversely impacting our communities. We need to increase the availability of treatment programs, as well as educate and empower our residents and families to seek treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues.

I believe that Colorado is the land of opportunity. The opportunity for individual achievement and the ability to provide a safe, prosperous future for our children.

If we can find a way to put partisan politics aside and work together, we can ensure that Colorado and especially Jefferson County remains a great place to live, work and raise a family. My children and yours are depending on us to act with their interest at heart and that is exactly what I intend to do. That’s why I’m running for the Colorado Senate.

I’m not in this race for myself. I’m in it for you, our children and the future generations of our great state.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope I can earn your support.

Very Respectfully,

Christine Jensen
Republican Candidate
Senate District 20

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