Fighting for YOU

“Colorado is the land of opportunity. The opportunity for individual achievement and the ability to provide a safe, prosperous future for our children.” -Christine Jensen

Opportunity and Prosperity for All


The burden of government is too often placed on the shoulders of Colorado families and inhibits their ability to achieve economic prosperity. I will continue to stand up to those who seek to increase taxes and fees on our hard-working families.

As a small business operator, I know that businesses, both large and small, are the life blood of our communities.  As your senator, I will protect Colorado’s businesses from excessive regulation and government overreach. As a state, we must foster an economic environment that does not stifle innovation and excellence, but rather one that encourages businesses to develop and grow.

I fear that continued government intrusion into our healthcare system has it on the brink of ruin. We deserve access to the best possible patient-centered healthcare and options when it comes to insurance carriers. We deserve premiums that are affordable and do not overly-strain our family budgets. In the Legislature, I will lead the effort to lower healthcare costs through sensible reforms.

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Homeownership in Colorado has become out of reach for far too many. Current construction litigation laws must be reformed to encourage the development of attainable housing for our growing Colorado families. We must develop smart growth strategies that do not overburden our infrastructure.

Traffic congestion and deteriorating roads have a negative impact on commerce in Jefferson County and throughout Colorado. Colorado is home to $9 billion of overdue transportation improvements. In the Legislature, I will make transportation a top priority by working with my colleagues to develop a strategy for improving our roads and bridges by using existing state funds and without raising taxes.

While our state budget is larger than it has ever been, our roads are crumbling and our schools are failing. The solution is not more tax increases, but instead cutting government waste and bringing good businesses sense to the state government.  As your next senator, I'll bring strong business sense to the state government.


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As a mother and grandmother, I know that the foundation to a strong economy and community is our education system. We must recognize that every child learns differently and reject one-size-fits-all education models and federal government mandates such as Common Core. The education of our children ought to be a cooperative effort between parents and teachers with an emphasis on the curriculum and not just testing.

I am an advocate for school choice across the entire spectrum of educational systems. A child's parents are their foremost educators and should have the right to determine the best course of their child’s education throughout every level, including public, private, charter and homeschooling options. Regardless of the route taken, accountability based on results is essential to ensuring that all our children have an opportunity for success.

Colorado should be on the forefront of innovation and technology. To accomplish this, we must assist our local school districts to develop high-achieving STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs, encourage student participation and recruit/retain STEM educators. As we continue to develop future leaders in STEM fields, we will draw new companies and high-paying jobs to Colorado with our educated workforce.

We must ensure that state funding for education is spent efficiently and directly in the classroom, not on state administrative programs. As your next senator, I will work hard to make sure our children have access to the best possible education from well-trained, well-paid teachers and are provided with every opportunity to succeed.

 Safe Communities

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Jefferson County is a great place to live, work and raise a family. We must keep it that way. Our police, firefighters and first responders are on the front lines of our defense and they need to be treated respectfully and with the highest regard. As your senator, I will fight for those who fight for us by ensuring that our local law enforcement agencies have the resources and tools that are necessary to keep our communities safe.

I support the 2nd Amendment as a means for our law-abiding residents to protect themselves and their families.

I believe in the rule of law. Sanctuary Cities are a threat to public safety and any attempt to do an end-around of our laws must be stopped.

I will always defend innocent life.

The growing homeless population in Jefferson County presents challenges to our public services, especially our police and firefighters. I believe that a compassionate solution can be achieved if our state agencies work in conjunction with existing non-profit and faith-based entities to provide a hand-up, not a hand-out.

As a state, we must do more to combat drug and alcohol abuse, as well as address the wide range of mental health issues that are adversely impacting our communities. We need to increase the availability of treatment programs, as well as educate and empower our residents and families to seek treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues.

A safe community is a prosperous community. As your next senator, I will fight to ensure that your safety and the preservation of your Constitutional rights are the government’s top priority.